Do You Save Energy Even When You're Not Paying the Bill?

Do You Save Energy Even When You're Not Paying the Bill?

Taryn Williford
Feb 9, 2011

As much as you love your living room, you can't spend all of your time in the house. At some point, you're going to have to get off the couch, head to your office (or your school) and be a contributing member of society (unless you work from home, you lucky dog). But when you're away from your apartment—and far away from your bill-paying responsibilities—do you take the same steps to conserve energy?

Remembering to turn off your cubicle's (probably illegal but definitely highly flammable) space heater is a good idea, both for the environment and your job security.

More and more people are educating themselves about conserving energy in their homes. Things like unplugging power vampires and turning off lights when you leave a room can have a huge impact on the amount of energy you use (If you need some more power-saving ideas, check out Saving Energy (And Money!) Room by Room).

But even though these attempts to curb our energy use certainly have an effect on the well-being of our Earth by reducing pollution, emissions and our dependence on fuel, we still have a sneaking suspicion that the main motivation for tackling these little tasks is the chance to see your utility bill shrink every month. It's definitely a great motivation to keep the thermostat a little lower this winter, that's for sure.

So we've got a question for you, readers:

Do you still take the same steps to save energy in spots where you're not responsible for the power bill?

In the past, we had a co-worker who left a digital photo frame powered on at her desk 24/7. It's a small gadget that seems harmless enough. But when you consider the power-guzzling facts—if every home in the U.S. had one of these frames displaying around the clock, it would take five power plants alone to power them all—it's definitely a move she wouldn't make at home where her family foots the bill.

What about you? Do you leave your cell phone charger hanging empty from the dorm room walls? Do you leave your computer tower on 24/7 at the office? Tell us in the comments!

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