Do Your Gadgets Keep You From Sleep in Total Darkness?

Do Your Gadgets Keep You From Sleep in Total Darkness?

Taryn Williford
May 1, 2009

Are you afraid of the dark? Didn't you love that show? Ok, so we digress. The real point of discussion here is whether or not you're the kind of sleeper that hits the pillow with nothing less than complete darkness surrounding you. If you are a dark sleeper, do the vampire power-sucking standby lights from any in-bedroom gadgets keep you up at night? Here's my experience...

I am not afraid to admit that I like to have a little light on in the bedroom when I sleep. If I don't fall asleep with the TV's sleep timer on (a common occurance), then I'll make sure the door is open to my dimly lit living room or that I leave the blinds down and let the lights from the street outside trickle in.

But there's one light I cannot stand when it comes to laying down to get some shut eye. My practically ancient Mac PowerBook G4 has that really annoying pulsing sleep indicator light on the side. Even though the thing is tiny, it will somehow always manage to alternatively fill the room with light, then fade it into complete darkness from its permanent perch on my desk. I always have to rest my silicone-skinned Blackberry thisclose to the light to keep it from looking like aliens are landing in my room.

What about you, Unplggd? Do you have any in-bedroom gadgets with annoying standby lights that keep you total-darkness sleepers up at night?

(Image: Flickr member DeclanTM licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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