Do You Stage the TV for Turn-On?

Do You Stage the TV for Turn-On?

Taryn Williford
Aug 27, 2009

There's plenty to worry about when you're out with a new someone. Every thing you reveal to your date helps them to learn about you—including what's on your TV...

A friend of ours invited a new girl to his apartment to cook her an impressive dinner. He made sure every detail of the night—from the seasoning to the wine—was perfectly planned to impress her. He even made sure that the television was staged.

When she arrived, he invited her in, told her dinner was almost ready and showed her to the couch and TV remote. When she turned it on, she found that the last thing he was watching was the History channel. He knew he immediately got brownie points over all of the ESPN and "S-Video 2" Xbox guys.

Would you ever stage the TV for guests? Have you ever gotten caught with an embarrassing 'last channel' when you forgot to stage, like when your football buddies turned on to watch the game and saw the Bravo network? Let us know in the comments!

Image from
Robert Snache - at Flickr
with a Creative Commons license.

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