iPhone Generation Staying In Touch Via Social Gaming, Instagram

iPhone Generation Staying In Touch Via Social Gaming, Instagram

Julienne Lin
Jan 27, 2012

Seems like in this age of texting, IM, and Facebook messaging, the art of conversation has waned. We've even noticed friends now communicating regularly via chat features built into social games like Words With Friends as an alternative channel to keep in touch with friends and family, skipping communication apps altogether...

Another friend mentioned none of her friends are really updating their Facebook profiles any longer, having migrated over to the photo-social network of Instagram instead, everyone keeping up to date on each others' lives via photo updates.

Similarly, we've heard of cases where a person can be most easily reached using Zynga's Words With Friends app, which has a chat feature between players. There was an entire article in the New York Times about how some people can best be reached and respond the fastest to a chat on one of Zynga's games:

Natasha might take a couple of days to respond to an e-mail or Facebook message, but make a new move in a Words game and she's on it in minutes. When visitors from out of town want to let her know they're around, they tell her via Words.

There are so many other ways to "look someone up" through social media and check up on what they're up to in addition to Instagram and social games, like following someone on Pinterest or looking at a LinkedIn profile. Facebook and Twitter aren't really the only outlets to check anymore, and social gaming provides a more fun way to share what's up while also enjoying a game or two from a distance, the modern day version of talking over a game of chess for the iPhone Generation.

Although we're very active on all the social media outlets and games mentioned above, we still believe in the importance of real conversation and physical contact. Getting feed on our friends' activities are just nice updates we can access on the go or when we aren't able to meet with them in person or call them.

What form of technology or media do you use the most to stay in touch with friends and family members?

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