Do You Still Use Your Parents' Home for Storage?

Do You Still Use Your Parents' Home for Storage?

Regina Yunghans
Apr 10, 2009

We've slowly been working our way through the possessions we have stored away at mom and dad's house. From childhood memorabilia to more recent objects like wedding gifts, we still have things stowed away at their house...

Recently, we've been able to sift through most of it and reduce our most meaningful possessions down into a single storage chest. We've found it takes forever because each and every item summons a walk down memory lane. We've unearthed old notes passed in class, forgotten photographs, and school awards. While it's difficult letting go of some of this, it feels good to have the most treasured items sorted, inventoried, and stored in a single location.

Do you have old things stowed away in your childhood home? Have you ever worked through all of it as an adult? Do you, like us, get caught up in the nostalgia? Photo: Organizing the Attic Series with Liz Seymour

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