Do You Toddler-Proof The Christmas Tree?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s kind of ironic; once you have a child, you really want to go all out for the holidays to make it special for them. But then you realize like we did- Oh yeah, we have a 14 month old who is interested in getting her hands on anything and everything in our house. What will happen when she sees the Christmas tree in all it’s splendor?

There are a few dangers with a full- sized Christmas tree: it could topple over, breakable ornaments could…uh, break, there could also be some nibbling going on here.

Finding non-breakable ornaments is fairly easy- felt, bows, ribbons, etc. But how about that tree? We did some research, and it seems like there are a few ways to go about this. You can put it in a room and close the door. That’s not much fun. You could put safety gates around it or some people suggest putting it inside a playpen. (not sure how good that is for the playpen depending on how heavy the tree is). You can also anchor the tree- like in the photo above. Or, you can forget about a larger tree and just get a mini tree and set it up on a table out of baby or toddler’s reach. OR…the last option- be firm and teach your child not to touch the tree. Some people claim it works. What do you think?

Image: Ehow.