Do You Unplug at 100% Battery?

Do You Unplug at 100% Battery?

Anthony Nguyen
Sep 14, 2009

For those of us out there who have made the jump to embracing the laptop as a replacement for your desktop, you've probably run into this issue before; dealing with the 100% charged battery. So, do you disconnect power and let it run off the battery? Pop out the battery completely? Let us know your laptop power management habits below...

Ah, so you want to know more. Well, we looked into this myth of battery charges and how it all works and basically it's as simple as this: All batteries have a certain lifespan to them. Older batteries for notebooks hold about 200 recharges until it reaches about 50% of its original lifespan. We have an old Thinkpad T42 laying around as a music streamer in our home office here at Unplgd. We believe it's at about 30% capacity at this point.

But as technology steadily improves, so do our batteries. Apple's newest Macbook Pro notebooks all have new lithium polymer batteries which are claimed to have up to 1000 recharges, in which its life only diminishes to 80% after 5 years. In addition to that, they have a feature called Adaptive Charging, which uses delicate adjustments to the charging current, minimizing battery charging when the computer's plugged in. Not too shabby.

We're pretty sure the majority of newer notebooks out there also feature similar features in maximizing battery life, so as long as you've got newer laptop, you shouldn't have to worry too much. Just charge when you must and disconnect when you're on the go.

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