Best Uses for a Stylus with a Smartphone & Tablet

Best Uses for a Stylus with a Smartphone & Tablet

Julienne Lin
Jan 8, 2013

I recently purchased and started using a wireless keyboard with my iPad. Since I write, it's proved to be a great tool for me in terms of getting work done by tablet. I'm still on the 2007 MacBook and it definitely does not fit in a regular sized purse. A couple of friends received styluses during the holidays, which sparked discussions of whether they'd really be useful (or not) with a phone or tablet.

After our conversation we came to agreement the best uses for a stylus were:

If You Write in a Foreign Language: Some of our friends who text or email in language other than English find a stylus essential. Especially when it comes to writing characters, you can write faster and more legibly with a stylus. One of our friends had a keychain on her phone with a small stylus conveniently attached for writing messages in Japanese.

If Your Smartphone Has a Huge Screen: If you're an owner of one of the Samsung Galaxy Note/Note II models, a stylus seems to come in handy because the phone's screen is in that sweet spot between a standard smartphone and a tablet. Especially for gaming, sometimes it's a bit easier to use a stylus than your finger for games like Draw Something or even match 3 games.

If You Live in a Cold Climate Area: Unless you want to buy a pair of touchscreen friendly gloves, another solution for accessing your phone or tablet in the cold is with a stylus.

If You Like to Draw: As I mentioned before, for games like Draw Something, you can achieve a lot more accuracy with a stylus. If you're an artist and like to use your smartphone or table to doodle, it definitely lets you get more detailed versus using your finger.

A couple styluses that I'd consider if I were to purchase one would be the Pogo Stylus, Bamboo Stylus Pocket and this fun Crayon-shaped stylus.

Share what other situations a stylus comes in handy for you, and whether you find use for one on your smartphone or tablet.

(Images: 1. Wacom, 2. Wacom, 3. Pogo, 4. C Wonder)

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