Do You Watch More TV Because of DVR?

Do You Watch More TV Because of DVR?

Taryn Williford
Jul 19, 2010

Ah, the modern convenience of the digital video recorder. Just tell your media center what shows you like to watch and you'll have every new episode lined up for your next weekend marathon TV sesh. Sometimes your TiVo will even tape shows it thinks you'd like. But in all of this "convenience," do you ever stop to think if you're watching more television than before you ever had a DVR?

A lineup of unwatched episodes is handy when you've got a lazy Saturday afternoon to spare. But how frequently do you find yourself compelled to catch up on an unwatched queue? And it's far to easy to add any new series you're curious about to your "to do" list.

I subscribed to a DVR service through my cable provider about a year ago. Since then, I'm happy/frightened to announce that I haven't missed a single episode of Top Chef, Unwrapped or So You Think You Can Dance.

But the truth is that these shows, and so many others that I've picked up A.D. (After DVR), don't always fit with my schedule. If I wasn't able to record them, I might have to skip them.

On one hand, I realize that's an awesome perk of subscribing to a TV recording service. But on the other hand, I can definitely see that I'm watching more TV than ever before. And there's been plenty of talk that watching too much TV is bad for your heart and your lifespan.

So is DVR really a convenience? Or just another invention that makes it easier to overdose on our vices? Are you watching more TV since you subscribed to a DVR service? Let us know what you think in the comments!

(Image: Flickr user under license from Creative Commons.)

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