Do You Write Thank You Cards?

Do You Write Thank You Cards?

When I was a child, my parents constantly reminded me to write thank you notes for every gift I received. It seemed like such a pain, but now that I'm an adult it has turned into a tradition. If I don't send one I feel incredibly guilty. But it wasn't until a friend recently complimented me on my thank you notes that I realized I might be in the thank-you-note-writing minority. Could this be a dying tradition?

It has always been my understanding that if a gift has been given it should be acknowledged in writing. The only exception, in my opinion, is if they gift was given (and thanked for) in person — even still, a thank you will never hurt.

Unfortunately, in recent years I've noticed a lack of thank you cards being sent by my loved ones. Is it because mail is so rarely sent these days? With family and friends increasingly spread across the country and gifts sent through the mail, aren't thank yous more important than ever? How else are gift givers to know their gift even arrived?

Because we're focused on weddings this month, here's a gentle reminder to all couples out there to thank your guests. Even if they sent a gift but couldn't attend, or conversely if they did attend but couldn't give a gift — they're celebrating your special day and that deserves an acknowledgement.

So, do you partake in this show of appreciation? What's an acceptable way to say, 'thanks'? A phone call, email, or old-fashioned snail-mail? Or, gasp, nothing at all?


(Image: Chris Sasaki/Red Cap Cards)

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