In Honor of Earth Day: Green Living Apps

In Honor of Earth Day: Green Living Apps

Jason Rodway
Apr 17, 2013

April 22nd marks the day the world celebrates the planet: Earth Day. It's a perfect opportunity to consider changing small habits in your life, whether it be switching to energy efficient bulbs, begin biking to work, or properly recycling household waste. In honor of a day marking the importance of the planet we all share, here are several apps related to earth-friendly habits...

Left: Green Tips - Right: Sort Smart

Green Tips

So you're motivated for a greener, better you, but don’t know where to start? Green Tips contains 150 helpful bit of information that can amount to big overall changes. The information listed pertains to facts and figures about energy consumption, water usage, transportation, waste, health, climate change and air pollution. Because knowing is half the battle! Free - iOS / Android / Windows Phone

Sort Smart

There’s a phrase that I ask my fiancee on a daily basis: ’Is this blue [recyclable] or garbage?’ To save her sanity (and my prospects of getting married), I recently downloaded Smart Sort, a colorful cheat sheet to help me remember what goes into the garbage and what belongs in the recycling bin. Free - iOS / Android / Recycle This! for Windows Phone

Left: Air Quality - Right: TreeHugger

Air Quality
Now that the weather is warming up, many of us are getting outdoors to enjoy spring. Air Quality helps users keep informed about local reports about ozone, particulate matter, and general air quality index, especially helpful for allergy sufferers and those sensitive to seasonal changes.  Free - iOS / Android / Windows Phone

Tree Hugger
Developed by the popular green-focused blog, the app is a condensed and mobile-optimized feed of Tree Hugger's daily product reviews, green news, eco-solutions and everything else related to progressive green design. The app makes navigating articles easy on smaller screens versus the website, separated into appropriate categories such as up to date news, business, climate change, green jobs, and more. Free - Android / Windows Phone

Left: HopStop - Right: My Pollution Index

Step onto a bus or train and you're certainly helping your carbon footprint. When you’re ready for an adventure or daily commute on your local transit service, HopStop can help you find your way with maps, schedules, and even by building a complete travel itinerary for you. Free - iOS / Android / Here Transit for Windows Phone

My Pollution Index
So you're already meticulous when it comes to shutting off the lights whenever you leave the room. You use a laptop rather than a desktop because you know it's more energy efficient. And of course, you take the bus to work. But have you every totaled up your carbon footprint score? My Pollution Index tallies up your number (literally), allowing you to track carbon dioxide produced by your daily electricity and fuel consumption, offering you personalized information for improved habits. Free - Windows Phone

Left: Water Saver - Right: Bin Day

Water Saver
There can be no green without blue. Learn ways to save and conserve water usage with the aptly named app, Water Saver. Once you heed its myriad of water-saving recommendations, you can further track the amount of water you've saved. Accumulate your daily, monthly, yearly, and total stats to help encourage you to save more water for the environment and even compete against your friends using a healthy dose of competition as motivation. $1 - Windows Phone

Bin Day
Own a home? You know there's always a long list of responsibilities, maintenance tasks, and projects to keep your home sweet home functional and well kept. One of these weekly tasks is a keeping a recycling schedule. If you're apt to forget which days are garbage days and which days you'll need to drag out the recycling and compostable material, Bin Day will assist in reminding you about local waste collection schedule and pick up itinerary. $1.29 - Windows Phone

(Images: Jason Rodway; as linked above)

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