Product Test: Does the Shamwow Really Work?

Product Test: Does the Shamwow Really Work?

Janel Laban
Feb 17, 2009

The commercial makes us laugh - the usual m.o. at our house is to fast forward through any and all commercials (we pretty much tivo everything so we don't watch much in "real time"). Even though, somehow we managed to see the Shamwow guy do his pitch and as anyone who has witnessed it knows, it is memorable. So, when we saw this "as seen on TV" lab test, we took a second took...

Popular Mechanics put the cleaning product to the test by "Soaking soda from a carpet, cleaning a spill from a plant pot, wiping kitchen countertops, turning it into a bath mat and drying off after a swim."

Their verdict? It works...but you may need to keep some other cleaning towels around as well. It seems that in the tests, it works better at fully cleaning up moisture on some surfaces than others. As part of a cleaning arsenal, it comes in handy, but isn't going to replace all other spill-picker-uppers.

Check out the full review right here at Popular Mechanics and let us know...have you tried the Shamwow? How does it work for you?

Photo: Popular Mechanics

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