Does Your Home Have A Name?

Does Your Home Have A Name?

Tess Wilson
Oct 11, 2013

My first grown-up apartment was in a building named The Prince Of Wales, and I've been wishing for another properly named home ever since. Has one of your buildings or houses ever had a name, either one it came with or one you bestowed upon it?

There's just something so wonderful about a building with a name: something timeless, or civilized, or regal, or cozy, or all of the above. I always keep an eye out for name plates and crests when I'm walking about, and try to remember the best ones. They're usually so strange! My favorites start with "The"- The Morris, The Constantine, The Holiday, The Lenawee, The Eversen, The Granada, or The Laurence, above. They have a certain stature, even if they've fallen on hard times and the name just gives a hint of their past glory. I'm reminded of when Gilmore Girls' Lorelai and Sookie were brainstorming names for their new inn — The Country Rose, The Paul Revere, The Inn By The Hollow — and Michel helpfully suggests The Money Pit, The Outhouse, and The Inn Heading For Bankruptcy. Sadly, The Crap Shack was already taken, as it is what Lorelai named her own house.

Have you ever lived in a home with a name, whether a nickname or something official? Have you ever named a place yourself? I would love to do that someday, but it's so much responsibility! How did you do it?

(Image: Flickr user Bill Longstaff, licensed under Creative Commons)

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