Does Your Neighborhood Trick-or-Treat?

Does Your Neighborhood Trick-or-Treat?

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 27, 2011

I grew up in the suburbs of a major metropolitan Midwestern city. It was trick-or-treat heaven — like you see in the movies. We'd bring home pillowcases (note the plural) full of snacks, canned sodas, fruit, and there was always a toothbrush. Parents dressed up to go with their kids and those who stayed home dressed up and decked out their porches - it was a huge production. My new neighborhood, however, does nothing. Literally. And it's kind of a bummer.

My own father went all out and used to dress up like a werewolf and hide behind our large bushes out front. For years I couldn't go near our front door because I was terrified. I also, admittedly, was a wuss, but that's neither here nor there.

For many people around the country, trick-or-treating in your own neighborhood just isn't done. Maybe you live in an apartment building where logistics are tricky, or possibly the neighborhood just doesn't have that many kids.

In my 'hood, folks go elsewhere to trick-or-treat and although I'm not dressing up and hiding in the bushes anytime soon, I still miss the constant flow of little costumes and small sugar-high voices asking for more.

Do you stay in your own area on Halloween? Visit other places? Or just turn off the lights and eat your own candy and watch a movie with the family? Share your thoughts below.

(Image: Flickr member stevendepolo licensed for use by Creative Common)

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