Does Your Pet Like to Park on the Keyboard? Try This.

Does Your Pet Like to Park on the Keyboard? Try This.

Elizabeth Giorgi
Aug 5, 2014
(Image credit: Elizabeth Giorgi)

Pet owners who work from home know this situation all too well: you're in the middle of a groove and knocking out a project with ease when your lovely fur ball saunters in and promptly sits their butt on the keyboard. If you're lucky, nothing tragic happens, but this can be avoided with a simple solution:

Add a pet bed to your office!

I know an office is not a traditional location for a pet bed, but honestly, why not? Your pet wants to be near you, which is why they are sitting as close to you as physically possible. By training the pet to chill in the nearby seating with rewards and affirmation, everyone is happy.

Some smart locations depending on the size of the pet and furniture:

(Image credit: Elizabeth Giorgi)

You could put a bed under the desk, get a chair hammock, put a bed right next to the desk or park an extra chair next to yours and throw a bed on it

Depending on the pet, it may be best to get a second pet bed rather than moving their current one back and forth. Some pets can get extreme anxiety when you tamper with their comfort zones. So just consider that before grabbing Fido's favorite pillow and relocating it to the office.

How do you prevent work-from-home pet distractions?

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