Does your Space Pick your Tech or the Other Way Around?

Does your Space Pick your Tech or the Other Way Around?

Taryn Williford
May 6, 2010

Moving in with my boyfriend recently, we chose our place based on our televisions. Each of us was previously living by ourselves in completely furnished and tech-ed out dwellings. So when we began to combine stuff, we decided to rent a two bedroom apartment with enough separate spaces for each of our televisions and computers to have their own distinct spot.

His 50" flat screen lives in the living room, while my smaller and way less awesome TV sits in our bedroom. His full-on PC home office takes a residence in our guest bedroom and my laptop floats around in our "dining room" which, because of an abundance of couches and lack of a dining table, became a bar/lounge.

It works out great for us. But our situation is a direct contrast to our other friends who similarly decided to co-habitate. They chose an apartment based on their needs—those needs being only one bedroom and a dining room that works as a dining room—and bought or re-sold their tech according to what fit their new space.

We were wondering what most of our readers seem to think is the "right" way to go.

Being an Unplggd reader, we know you love beautiful and functional homes just as much as you love your tech toys. When it comes to picking a new apartment, do you choose a space that fits the stuff you own, or do you revise your tech to fit the new place? Let us know in the comments!

(Image: Flickr user flashphotography under license from Creative Commons.)

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