Parking Your Dog (or Your Man?!) at IKEA While You Shop

Parking Your Dog (or Your Man?!) at IKEA While You Shop

Rachael Grad
Aug 20, 2012

Yet another reason to love Ikea: the German locations recently opened "Dog Parking," where shoppers can leave their dogs on individual patches of green astro-turf with water bowls. In Australia Ikea opened a more controversial "Manland" where shoppers can leave men in a lounge area complete with games, hotdog snacks and TVs.

Would you leave your man or dog at IKEA while you shop? Manland only allows men to stay for 30 minutes at a time — you get a buzzer to let you know when your man's time is up. My trips to the store tend to be long, so I'm not sure either Manland or Dog Parking would work for me. My husband also likes being involved in chosing furniture and wouldn't miss sharing some Swedish meatbalks in the cafeteria. Manland has been criticized as sexist for assuming that men are like children who need to be entertained so that their female partners can shop.

Regarding Dog Parking, I'd worry that someone would take my adorable dog. It could just be a pet owner's love, but I think she's so cute that someone would want to take her home along with his Billy bookcases. Plus, there have been a lot of missing and stolen dogs in my neighborhood. Perhaps this isn't a problem in Germany!

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(Images: Iwan Gabovitch for Designtaxi)

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