Doilies Done Right

Just the word doilies makes us start sneezing from the thought of dust. Even though they might seem old-fashioned or out of place in a modern environment, though they take on a whole new look with a little bright color and some repetition. Even if a sofa throw is out, how about for your dining room table?

Marian Duijvestijn is the mind behind these colorful pieces. She’s also been hard at work transforming other objects into something a bit more useful. If you have time check out her website for sure.

Otherwise, we’re off to the thrift store to track down some doilies to dye. Even if the throw would be a lost cause with our dogs, it would make for a fabulous addition to our Valentines table and could come into play many times throughout the year.

A few simple stitches should be enough to keep them together, what color would you dye them? Blue? Yellow? Just as long as it’s not tye-dye, we’re on board!