Take These Two Steps to Make Your Move Way Less Hellish

Take These Two Steps to Make Your Move Way Less Hellish

Nancy Mitchell
Jun 29, 2014
(Image credit: Dabney Frake)

Moving is terrible. We all know this, and we all try not to think about it, because dwelling on horrible things is unpleasant, and living in the same house for the rest of one's life is (for most of us, anyway) unrealistic. If you always find yourself rushing at the last minute to put things into boxes, and packing way more things than you ever thought you could possibly own, then this video roundup is for you. Taking these two steps before you move will make your move a lot easier, and your start in your next home a lot more pleasant, too.

Here's what you need to do: starting at least a month before your move (okay, maybe two weeks will do if you're a giant procrastinator like me): ORGANIZE all your stuff. Or at least make sure everything is in the right room before you box it up. Putting things into boxes that make sense will be way easier when like is with like, and unpacking on the other side will be much more streamlined.

Sure, you might be thinking. That is easy for you to say. Organize all my stuff! Uh-huh. Fortunately, professional organizer Fay Wolf has a great strategy that involves going room by room. Follow her tips and your house will be straighter (not perfect, of course, but more move-ready) in no time.

And then we come to the second thing: GET RID OF STUFF. Slowly accumulating stuff throughout one's lifetime is the American way, but it is not the way to have a stress-free move. And guess what? The things you don't really use in your current home will probably be the things you don't really use in your new home. If you take the time to sort those things out and donate them, or sell them, now, you won't waste energy packing (and unpacking) things you don't really want or need. That's a huge win.

If you're like me, you have stuff you tend to hang on to. Stuff that's worth money. Stuff that people you love gave you but that you don't really like or need. In this video, Fay shows you how to let go.

And finally, if you're still having a little trouble getting rid of things, here's a little inspiration from professional organizer Jeni Aron, who reminds you that clearing out some of the old stuff will make it easier for you to embrace your new life. Think of your move as a positive change — a time where you have a real impetus for cleaning out the clutter, so that you can start life in your new home with less stress, and with more space (physically and mentally) to embrace the new things that life has in store for you.

Thanks for watching, and happy packing!

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