The $1 Dollar Tree Gem You’ll Use on Every Shelf in Your Fridge (It’ll “Blow Your Mind!”)

published Mar 26, 2024
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Dollar Tree Store Exterior, Manassas, Virginia, USA, July 27, 2022
Credit: refrina/Shutterstock

If you’re a wine drinker (or just a fan of fun glass bottles), you know just how much valuable counter and fridge space your favorite bottles can take up. The bottles are tall, cumbersome, and roll around if you try to store them on their side. But there’s a new kitchen organizer at Dollar Tree right now that’s about to change the game entirely. Grab one, and I promise you’ll feel like your fridge, countertop, and pantry have never looked better.

“Dollar Tree done did it again,” Sarah from the Sensational Finds TikTok account said in a recent video posted on March 20. “This brand new Dollar Tree find is going to blow your mind.”

It’s a clear acrylic stackable wine bottle holder that is sold individually for just $1.25, so you can create a custom wine rack that fits a particular space in your kitchen or fridge. 

“When I brought it home, I was super surprised at how well it stacked,” Sarah continued. “It’s actually a really nice thick acrylic plastic. You can use these to stack in your fridge, but you can also use these to stack inside of your cabinets.” And she used hers to store her reusable water bottles, coffee canisters, and tumblers, which all fit perfectly in the bottle cradle.

Though they’re great for wine people, others in the comments had some great ideas about how to use these organizers in other areas of the house, especially for under-the-sink storage. “Good for hairspray too,” one person wrote. A crafter added, “Those are good for vinyl rolls!” with another writing, “Perfect for my yarn collection.”

If your Dollar Tree is already sold out of these stackable wine organizers, you can grab a similar version on Amazon (though not for that sweet $1.25 price tag). This set of two acrylic wine bottle holders from JINAMART is nearly identical to the ones at Dollar Tree, but the set will cost you about $16.

So don’t let your rogue bottles take over your fridge or countertop. Wrangle them using the Dollar Tree or Amazon organizers and give yourself some space for snacks and scented candles — you’ll be so glad you did.

Buy: JINAMART Stackable Wine Bottle Holder, Set of 2, $15.99