Done With Delivery? 5 Ways You're Making Cooking Dinner Harder Than It Needs to Be

Done With Delivery? 5 Ways You're Making Cooking Dinner Harder Than It Needs to Be

Jennifer Hunter
Jul 24, 2015

Who wants to kick their Seamless habit as much as I do? In my fantasy life I enjoy cooking dinner every night. In reality, my dog now knows that the doorbell means it's dinnertime. But there are plenty of ways that I'm making cooking waaay harder than it needs to be. I'll bet you're doing some of these too.

You think you can't cook

Confidence in the kitchen is a real game changer. If you think you CAN cook, you might just prove yourself right. But start out with a negative attitude, just waiting to screw something up and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Really, a can-do attitude doesn't just make your meal better, it makes preparing is SO much more fun (and less stressful) so psych yourself up for success instead.

You don't take help from the store

I don't exactly spend my weekends rolling pastry and baking pies but you know what I can do? Buy a piecrust at the store and cut up my own fresh fruit. And I still get the pie-baking smell in my house! There are lots of ways you can "cheat" at dinner and why not take advantage of them? It will help you feel better about cooking more and that's the whole point.

You follow the recipe to the letter

Yes, the recipe is written that way for a reason, but don't get so bogged down in every step and ingredient that you make it stressful. Hate to julienne veggies (or don't know what that is)? Just give a rough chop and be done with it. If you don't like poached chicken then grill it and add the same sauce. The way you learn what you like and to be a better cook is through experimentation. A recipe is not a law, you're free to be as loosey goosey with it as you please. And if something goes wrong, well, lesson learned.

You don't clean as you go

Of course you think cooking is hard if after every meal you're faced with a mountain of dishes, open containers and debris. It's overwhelming. So get in the habit of cleaning up while you're waiting on your water to boil or while your chicken is browning on one side. Just throw used utensils in the sink, close cupboards and put the milk back in the fridge. It will make the rest of your night so much easier.

You don't take advantage of your leftovers

Not only is it economical to repurpose your leftovers into another meal, it's so much easier! Think about it. You have leftover chicken and you want to make chicken enchiladas? You're halfway there! If you wanna get really smart about it, you can plan several meals ahead and cook extra and then use your leftovers strategically.

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