Don't DIY: The Top Get-Someone-Else-To-Do-It Chores

Don't DIY: The Top Get-Someone-Else-To-Do-It Chores

Jennifer Hunter
May 1, 2015

In the delicate life dance between time and money falls your household chores. If cash weren't a concern you'd probably outsource everything; if you had unlimited time, you might take 'em all on yourself. Since most of us have limited quantities of each, we're wondering: which chores would you rather outsource to someone else? Let's talk about it.

Here are some common chores that need doing:

  • cleaning the house
  • gardening
  • laundry
  • washing the car
  • cooking
  • painting
  • bills/taxes

In my world, cleaning is my #1 hate-to-do-it biggie. I outsource. The money I spend is worth the freeing feeling I get when I come home to a clean house without having to do it myself. I also outsource gardening by way of living in a building that's maintained. And yes, I often outsource cooking with a very handy app and a nice delivery man that also outsources my walking anywhere to pick up my dinner.

But I get a strange satisfaction from doing my laundry (even though I live in New York City and could easily and cheaply pick Fluff n' Fold), I can paint a room like a boss (no streaks!), and I'm oddly anal about my bookkeeping so I keep that in-house.

Now I'm curious how your chores shape up. What is worth it to put on your pay-for-it list and what do you relish doing yourself? Tell me!

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