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Don’t Forget! 6 Micro-Zones That Could Really Use a Spring Clean, Too

updated May 3, 2019
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‘Tis the season for spring cleaning. And while you’re likely thinking about how to tackle deep cleaning tasks around your whole home, I want to point you towards a few micro-zones that could use your attention this season. These areas are smaller, more specific and more manageable than whole rooms, but they probably need the attention just as much.

Makeup Bag

Toss out old, expired products and re-pot or re-package anything that’s worn down or cracked. Empty the bag and clean inside of it, too.

Trash Cans

If you have access to a hose, take your trash and recycling bins outside and spray them down. You could also get hands-on and wipe them down with a cloth, too.

Cell Phone

Some alcohol, cotton swabs and cello tape can take care of the outside, but you might also want to take a pass at purging your digital life, too. Delete apps that never get used and check to see what’s been draining your battery.

Your Car

If you have one. Give her a deep clean, inside and out. Or (and this is my preferred method) pay somebody else to detail your car.

Your Wallet

Clean out those old receipts you’ve been hanging on to for no reason. Then disinfect and clean your cards–mostly because it will help them last longer.

Purses & Bags

A quick Google search will let you know how to best clean your bags based on their material. If you’re the type who carries a lot with them, now is also a great time to remove everything from your purse and try to downsize your everyday carry.