Don't Hide Cables, Decorate Them!

Don't Hide Cables, Decorate Them!

Taryn Williford
Jan 27, 2010

This flowering vine is probably too childish for your adult space. But beneath the bright, flowery exterior of this cable-management solution lies a brilliant idea.

One crafty-clever reader at Unclutterer bloomed an idea to hide her wires in plain sight:

We just moved our office into a larger room that does not have a phone jack. That means running wire from the other room for the modem and phone. Two ugly black cables hanging down were not the ideal, however. So I painted them dark green, and made some paper flowers on green pipe cleaners, then wrapped them around both cables, so it looks like a flowering vine. It's still there, but now it's decoration instead!

We, being the cord-wrangling experts we are (feel free to laugh uncontrollably—you would if you saw our living rooms) would have just painted the wire the same color as the wall behind it, but Unclutter makes us think about a differnt option: Let's embrace the cord instead of camouflaging it.

If it's not in a kids room, we don't reccomend the pipe-cleaner vine. Instead, use gentle clothespins to tack postcards or small art prints to the wire.

Via Lifehacker

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