Don't Let This Photo Happen to You

Don't Let This Photo Happen to You

Taryn Williford
Feb 28, 2012

Self-portraits can be tricky. One second your expensive DSLR camera is sitting on a patio table patiently waiting to snap a shot of your lovely family with a self-timer, and the next it's crashing down to the concrete below.

That's what's going on in this hilarious family picture posted to sharing site Reddit by user creamportion. You can avoid this fate with a few preventative measures.

Don't let the kid be in charge of hitting the button. See that blurry blonde head in the bottom center, running away from the camera as the table falls over? That's the likely culprit for this crime against cameras. But it's not her fault. Kids can be clumsy. To keep your prosumer gear in like-new shape, keep it away from tiny hands.

Buy a tripod. While a table or water bottle can do in a pinch, the best way to set up a shot without a photographer is to fasten your camera to a secure tripod. If you don't want to drag around a full-sized tripod for occassional self-portraits, these compact versions can be handy. Just make sure to rest them on something stable.

Buy a camera remote. If you see yourself shooting self-portraits or family photos a lot, it will be worth your while to make a (very small) investment in a camera remote. You can find a wireless remote control for your camera's shutter button for less than $20 online.

(Images: Reddit user creamportion, Ben Partridge, Joby,

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