Mood Lighting: Don’t Overlook Your Overhead Light

We often say that paint is the quickest way to change the whole feel of a room, but I think a close second is your overhead light fixture. In my mind, there are three kinds: 1. ugly or dated and detracts from your room 2. so boring it’s almost invisible or 3. a signature piece that totally make you love a room. Most people, especially renters like myself, probably have the invisible type – in the venerable words of Hall and Oates, All I See Is Missed Opportunity.

While the kind of light your lightbulb and fixture give off is important, so too is the look of the lighting vessel. The gallery of rooms above, all with eye-catching ceiling lights, is the best way I can think of to demonstrate the impact a fantastic light can have. In these rooms, the ceiling or pendant lamp was the first thing to attract my eye and had a lasting, memorable effect.

If buying a new ceiling lamp isn’t in the cards right now, get inspired by these diy versions:

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

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