Don't Wait to Move Before Cleaning These 5 Things

Don't Wait to Move Before Cleaning These 5 Things

Carrie McBride
Apr 24, 2015

A friend of mine just left her apartment of almost fifteen years and found herself cleaning her stove for the first time. She shared on Facebook: "It's interesting the things you clean when you are moving out of an apartment that you never once cleaned for your own benefit while living there." It's so true! Don't you deserve a clean home as much as the next tenants?

First, it needs to be said: these are not fun things to clean. Which is probably why you've avoided them. Here are what I would consider the Big Five that you may already do a cursory cleaning on, but you may not have tackled as a truly deep clean:

1. Oven

It's easy to put off cleaning an oven (especially the inside) because, for the most part, not having a spotless oven doesn't affect the performance. But oven dirt and grease builds up over time and just gets that much worse to clean if you neglect it. If you usually do a quick surface clean, but avoid a true deep clean why wait until move-out day when it will be much worse?

2. Refrigerator

Is a thorough fridge cleaning part of your Spring Cleaning routine...or part of your Move Out routine? Enjoy a really sparkly fridge while you're living there, gosh darn it! I'm not just talking about wiping down the shelves - get rid of the stuff that is too old to eat, wipe everything down, and, depending on the type of freezer you have - do a full defrost.

3. Windows

Unless there's a really obvious smudge or dirt, many of us don't make the windows part of our regular cleaning routine (and, ahem, many of us don't truly have a "regular cleaning routine"). And it's not just about the glass - those sills don't clean themselves.

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4. Cabinets

Except for when you move in or move out, your cabinets are usually pretty full - which may prevent you from seeing the dirt, dust, crumbs and other detritus that accumulates. Tackle one cabinet at a time if you're too overwhelmed by this task. Remove everything from the cabinet and give it a good wipe down, vacuum, or scrub depending on the condition.

5. Baseboards

Jen calls them the "underwear" of your home and she's right. They usually go unnoticed: hence, they usually go uncleaned. They're not hard to clean, but we often wait to do it until we move out because they can be hard to get access with furniture in the way. But they can accumulate dirt and (importantly for allergy sufferers) dust so treat yourself to a clean baseboards.

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