DOoP Multi Sensory Alarm Knows How Long You've Slept

DOoP Multi Sensory Alarm Knows How Long You've Slept

Range Govindan
Oct 7, 2009

It's a known fact that most adults don't get enough sleep. With jobs, kids, and our daily occupations, sleep seems to be the last thing on our minds. In other parts of the world, naps have always helped those that needed some respite, but sometimes, you just need a good night's sleep.

Strangely enough, this alarm clock will help you sleep better. That's weird, since most alarm clocks are the main cause of waking up. Designer Tan Weihao Rios has created this incredibly cute-looking alarm clock, which will allow you to wake up or catch a bit more sleep. DOoP will help you figure out how many hours you've slept and how much sleep you're getting, and how much you actually need. This sleep deficit is problematic for most people, as they become really inefficient due to lack of sleep. The red and green dials on the face will remind you where you are at. They will tell you how much sleep you need. There is also a countdown timer and a night light. DOoP will wake you up with sound and light, engaging more of your senses.

We've long known that our usual way of waking up isn't very good. Ideally, we'd like a cheaper version of the Wake-Up Light, which simply uses light to wake you up naturally. DOoP is small and compact and we all know that we could do with more sleep. Sadly, this is just a concept, but since this isn't something very complicated to make, we hope that we will see it on shelves pretty soon.

[via PicoCool, images by Tan Weihao Rios]

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