Dotz Organizers: Keeping Your Wires Clean

Dotz Organizers: Keeping Your Wires Clean

Range Govindan
May 27, 2009

How do the cables under your desk look like? Or the cables and plugs near outlets? If you are like us, it's probably very messy. It's hard to keep things organized under your desk and near power plugs. Even if they start out organized, they will usually get messy after a while. The Dotz plug identifiers are very simple and make managing a power bar or outlet very easy in the most simple way.

Dotz are plug identifiers to help you clean up the messy nether regions of your desk. What's really neat about them is that they enable you to label the different plugs of your different devices. This stops you from having to figure out which device goes with which plug when you plug and unplug them. It's true that it's convenient to have everything plugged in at all times, but you can save a lot of money by unplugging some of the more power hungry devices when they are not in use.

But that's not all. Dotz also makes cord straps and cord wraps to organize your wires even easier. You can use them to strap power cords, USB cords and others. The great thing is that they are reusable, so you can use them again and again. They also come with handy identifiers and numbers, making organizing a cinch. The cord wraps enable you to wrap cords of all sorts in a handy package, keeping them safe and secure from become messy. Instead of having a bunch of wires you'll just have a bunch of wraps in different colors in which the cords will be hidden.

We think that these products are a lifesaver when you are trying to get your wires cleaned up. What's great that they will stay that way, no matter what. On top of that, all of these organizing tools are reusable, so you can use them again and again to organize things. All of the Dotz products are available in packets for about $10.[via PicoCool, images via Dotz]

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