Double Duty: Portable Accessories That Work In Two Ways

Double Duty: Portable Accessories That Work In Two Ways

Jeff Heaton
Sep 28, 2011

Device makers are cramming more products into single devices. Our phone is quickly, if not already, replacing many technologies that we used to keep separate (Good bye point and shoot, hello 8 megapixel iPhone 5, hopefully with a larger sensor.). If not now, then take a look at the WVIL and tell us that's not a multi-use device you'd be interested in. When done right consolidation is great for space, especially when traveling because we have less to lug around. But this swiss-army-knife approach isn't limited to devices. We like these accessories that do a good job of pulling double duty as well.

1. ZAGG Keyboard Case
This case is made of anodized aluminum so it looks like it was made for your iPad. Once you take your iPad out it can sit in the case in horizontal or vertical position and the case is then usable as a wireless keyboard. No more lugging around a separate keyboard in its own case.

2. Sceltevie Bag Hanger
This purse hanger, which looks like a pair of sunglasses, a guitar or a bow, doubles as a smart phone stand. It's small enough to keep in your bag or pocket and is sturdy enough for both purposes. Available for $29.99 over at Gizmine.

3. Oona
One of the coolest projects on Kickstarter, the Oona is a multipurpose smartphone stand. It lets you stick your device basically anywhere with a flat surface: on the fridge, as a gps stand in your car, while working on a white board. The part we really like is the threaded hole in the bottom that allows you to use a tripod with your phone. It's also made of airplane grade aluminum so it'll take beating.

4. The Minimalist
We like carrying the least amount possible. We ditched our wallet for a credit card holder a while back. Soon we'll be able to ditch everything for Google Wallet, if they include our bank and more merchandizers that is, but until then the Minimalist is a great option. It marries our credit card holder with our iPhone case meaning less stuff floating around in our pocket.

5. Logitech Tablet Speaker
The speakers on most tablets are ok. The sound isn't exactly high fidelity (that's why you have nice headphones right?) and sometimes we don't want to wear headphones or attach a scoop just to hear at a louder volume. The Logitech tablet speaker not only gives you better sound for any tablet with a headphone jack, but it also acts as a stand, making the on screen keyboard that much easier to use.

What's your favorite multi-purpose device accessory? Tell us in the comments.

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(Images: Zagg, Hachimankasei, Oona, TRTL Bot, and Logitech.)

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