Double-Duty Furniture: A Homemade Bench

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Seeing all the entries for Small Cool 2011 has inspired me to do try to make my small apartment function a little better. Obviously, one of the biggest challenges with living in small homes is finding space for all your needs. This becomes even more difficult when kids stuff gets thrown into the mix. For such little people, they sure do require a lot of stuff and it is easy for you to feel like your home is being taken over by all their things. This is where double-duty furniture really comes in handy.

I’ve been on the look out for a small bench for my living room but have yet to find something that was narrow enough for the designated location that I could also afford. I also wanted to get a small table and chair for my son but didn’t really have a spot to put it. So I came up with a solution to solve both of those problems and made something myself.

I bought a blue LACK side table (on sale!) and a stool from IKEA and snagged a matching blue laminate shelf from the As Is section on my way out. I attached the LACK legs to a piece of stained scrap wood to make it sturdy enough to work as seating, topped it off with the laminate shelf and tucked the stool under. For about $15 and less than an hour of labor, I created a cozy spot for my son to sit that fits into my small space and can double as a bench when I need extra seating or my son outgrows it. And I still have the LACK table top that I can use for another project. I really like the way it turned out and especially love that my son digs his new little “desk.” I was able to kill two birds with one stone by finding an affordable solution that looks great and fits both my needs.

Images: Kate Wangsgard