Double-Duty Furniture: Round Two!

Living in a small space isn’t all about paring down your stuff; it’s also about getting creative with the things you already own, and a great way to accomplish this is with multi-functional pieces. Last week we showed you some cool double-duty furniture pieces, and as small spaces month comes to a close, we’ve found even more.

Shown above the jump, from left to right:


  1. madame est servie by Alissa Logerot: A cheval mirror which can be an ironing board when it’s tilted and locked in the horizontal position.
  2. The Bookinist by Nils Holger Moormann: Love the humor and portability of this one — designed on the principle of a pushcart, it functions as a chair, desk, bookcase, lamp and storage.
  3. TV-Office Wall Unit by Gruber Schlager: This super modern piece of furniture is a partition, office nook, and entertainment center all-in-one. It even swivels around its base to conceal one side, or to adjust when needed.
  4. chopsticks plus one by Alissa Logerot: Sort of like the spork for Asian food, the design is a hybrid of chopsticks and spoon, that can be used together or separately.
  5. The DoubleSpace Kitchenette by Vestal Design: Not a combination we think could be possible, but Vestal has design a roomy armchair than can be flipped over and used as a countertop and functional cooktop.

  7. XY by Alissa Logerot: A chair that quickly converts into a side table.
  8. Flat Pack Emergency Stool by d.e. Sellers: The Emergency Stool is a laser-cut piece of Baltic Birch plywood that can be displayed flat as a piece of art on the wall, but is ready to be put into action for emergency sitting by simply breaking the panel into its individual parts.
  9. Mogga by Ólafur Ómarsson: Inspired by the design of a bread box, this is another chair/table hybrid — the seat easily slides via a track to transform into a table.
  10. Dining Table in a Cube by Cube Style: The name says it all, and the Japanese know compact living quite well — expand the cube for a whole dining room set.
  11. Distendido by Guillem Ferran: This doesn’t even transform, but just by a simple turn this chair can be used as a laundry rack.

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