Downsized: When Bigger Would Just Be Overkill

Downsized: When Bigger Would Just Be Overkill

Jeff Heaton
Sep 21, 2011

Bigger, higher-end devices usually top our wish list. They're shiny, powerful and fun. But they're probably often more than you really need. Sure, if you've got the disposable income and the space why not buy the industrial quality anything? But if you're a little more money conscious it's often better to go the way of Goldilocks: just right.

Vitamix vs. Immersion Blender (see top)
Blenders like the Vitamix or the Ninja are cool. I mean, have you seen will it blend? But really, how often do you need this kind of blending power? Are you living on an all soup diet? Then perhaps this is for you. But for most people the simple power of a hand blender will get the job done. Sure, it's not as gratifying as tossing your food into a pit of bladed doom as powerful as a chainsaw, but will your hummus be smooth? Yes it will. And hello counter space.

Sound Wall vs. Sound System
More speakers means more sound, right? Yes, technically they do, but realistically how many do you need to hear that movie or music you're listening to? A nice subwoofer, some tweeters and maybe a sound bar should really be enough for most people's space. If you're starting to hide them in places because all the visible space is already taken, you've probably got yourself a case of the overkill.

Command Center vs. Monitors
Three monitors is a good number. It's even suggested by some productivity folks, and the late Randy Pausch, as the ultimate number to have because you can compare information side by side or keep other important info up at all times. But unless you play poker competitively, are using a Bloomberg terminal in of your house or help run CIA missions you probably don't need more than those three, or even less. Playing WoW while doing the company spreadsheet and editing your photos is spreading yourself a little thin. We're not here to tell you the best use of your time, but if the boss asks why the company's gross margin is measured in Gold, perhaps it's time to scale back.

Have something big that wouldn't work well downsized? Tell us in the comments.

(Images: Amazon, Flickr users jurvetson, totalAldo and mark sebastian under creative commons.)

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