Downsizing: Tips For Paring Down For A Small Space

Downsizing: Tips For Paring Down For A Small Space

Kristen Lubbe
Aug 12, 2010

Less is the new more. Downsizing has become a regularly used word in our vocabularies and we're ok with that. Moving into a smaller home can be a cleansing process if you view it in a positive way. It'll certainly evoke that creative side you might have been ignoring.

We mention that you'll need to get creative because decorating a small space requires much more creativity. Maybe you'll have to make some rooms double-duty rooms, which isn't always the easiest task, but it certainly pays off when you're working with much less square footage.

Here are some tips for paring down for a small space move:

&bull Sort Everything: While still in your current home, sort through everything. Walk around the house with a trash bag and throw everything away that you genuinely don't need. Put aside the items that you can sell or donate and take care of those before you move.
&bull Sell Bulky Furniture: You're moving into a smaller space, that giant couch isn't going to work &mdash so sell it! Obviously you can't sell every piece of furniture, but everyone has those few pieces that they wouldn't mind getting rid of. And downsizing is the perfect opportunity to do so!
&bull Let Things Go: Don't be afraid to let things go. After all, they are just material possessions and you might feel a little better living a little lighter. (this especially applies when merging two households!)
&bull Have a Yard Sale: Yard/Stoop sales will be great when downsizing. They're the perfect opportunity to quickly get rid of everything you no longer want, or simply cannot move.
&bull Things Have Expiration Dates: Granted they aren't printed on an ottoman like they are on a carton of milk, but some things have expiration dates. If you bought an ottoman 10 years ago because you were going to reupholster it, but still haven't &mdash it has passed its expiration date.
&bull Get Excited: If you're having a hard time getting rid of things, think about your new smaller space. You signed those papers for a reason and the only way you're going to get in there is if you downsize your current belongings.
&bull You Won't Miss It: Stuff is stuff. It may seem hard getting rid of the recliner you've had since college, but once you're in your new space you won't even miss it. Things seem hard in the moment, but that moment will pass you by before you even realize it.
&bull Evaluate: Evaluate what each piece or item in your home really means to you. You might be surprised by how little possessions actually mean to you.

What downsizing tips have worked for you?

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