Drab to Fab!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

AT reader
Nikkomoy repurposed a discarded wine box into a great planter!

AT:LA reader Lynn, posted a comment on this thread, saying “You should have this as a monthly theme: How people use other people’s used goods to turn them into something especially good… for the home. recycle, reuse, and redecorate! Lots of treasures out there looking for some T.L.C. and a welcoming home!” Well, instead of just one month, we thought this could be a great feature as a regular column. Lynn is right, as the saying goes “one person’s trash is another’s treasure.”

For example, AT reader, Nikkomoy shared with us her dad’s winebox that she converted into a cool modern planter!(above) Have you transformed something that was discarded or seemingly unworthy? Drop us an e-mail or tag your FLICKR photo with “apartmenttherapyla” and describe what you’ve done with a description. We’re looking for any example of “drab to fab”- Share your creativity so we can inspire each other to do the same!