Notes as Décor in the Home Office

Notes as Décor in the Home Office

Mike Tyson
Aug 4, 2010

The challenge of blending form and function is always a difficult one when it comes to designing an office. Arguably, your workspace needs to be one of the most utilitarian and functional spaces of your home but it's always hard to sacrifice aesthetics in order to achieve that. Anthropologie, in their infinite styling wisdom, spruced up their bedding collection set with an interesting display of notes and sketches. We see potential here for real-life integration and explain how it could work after the jump.

First, we know this look will require a specific style and the ability to take a few risks. Executed improperly and it may make you look like a mad scientist. But what's life (and design) if we don't take a few chances?

The look needs a relatively blank wall to begin; notice how there are very few distracting elements. Next, find paper with a slight coloration or tint — anything that is bright white might be too distracting when hung on the walls. The Anthropologie stylists used tape to attach the pages to the wall. We only recommend this method if you pre-stick the tape to your clothes so the adhesive isn't so strong that it damages your wall when you remove it. Alternatively, you could use pushpins which might be a bit easier to stick and remove.

Finally, the composition of the pages is important. Note how they appear random (overlapping, unaligned) yet are balanced. For an artist or designer the task of composing the pages along the wall might be a bit easier. If you don't like the final look simply stand back, assess the wall, and go back in to make minor changes.

We know this isn't for everyone. Here at Unplggd we often honor the minimalists and our ability to organize our workspace. But the lucky (and daring few) that attempt it might just be able to pull off a unique, stylish look which also allows them to have their important thoughts available at a glance rather than rifling through their drawers for the notepad.

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