Move Overhead Lights by Drawing Them On

Move Overhead Lights by Drawing Them On

Taryn Williford
Mar 5, 2010

Living in an old high-school-turned-loft is pretty cool. The hallways are lined with lockers and the creepy auditorium stays intact. But my favorite part is the chalkboard in my unit. I'm not exactly an artist, but the ever-changing mural has been an outlet for my creative energy all year. So when we spotted this Draw the Lights concept, we knew it might be more useful than it seems.

The Draw the Lights system consist of several clusters of LED lights and a "brush" that you can use to "paint" with. The clusters cover the ceiling, and the brush, when pointed at them, triggers the LEDs to turn on and leave a wake of light in its path.

According to the designer, Seo Dong-Hun, being able to "draw" your overhead light on the ceiling means ever-charging options for placement, which means your floor plan just got a whole lot more versatile:

Most of lighting used in the interior (such as fluorescents) is fixed and cannot be moved. Therefore, furniture such as desks and dining tables must be positioned near the light fixtures. The placement of artworks is also dependent on light sources. Draw the Lights allows you to create and modify your lighting environment.

It's of course a concept, but this is something we'd love to see implemented. Maybe not in a whole-ceiling kinda way (picking out light fixtures is all the fun!), but it would be a cool hi-tech way to replace a chalkboard like mine.

Via Ubergizmo

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