Dream Home on Hold? 5 Ways to Feel Better About Your Current Place

Dream Home on Hold? 5 Ways to Feel Better About Your Current Place

Adrienne Breaux
Sep 13, 2015

So you're not living in that cozy cabin overlooking a lake. And you're not renovating that old Victorian with the good bones. You're currently living in a place that, while it gives you a roof over your head, doesn't exactly stoke the passions of your architectural heart. There may be a lot of reasons why you're not in your "dream home" just yet, and all of them are fine and okay. We all move at our own pace at life.

But if the fact that you aren't in your dream home yet is really dragging you down, you might need some help making the best of the home you do have. These five ways might help:

1. Find your daily magic moment

We believe that "home" (in whatever structure it's currently housed in) has the ability to give your day a reset when it's been a bad one, and set you up for a good day before it's really begun. And you can really cultivate your home's ability to do this by setting yourself up a little spot to have a daily magic moment in. Think about what it is that brings a magical feeling to you — from sipping tea in quiet to reading a good book to doing some yoga to crafting — and then really make a spot in your home that helps you make that magic happen on a daily basis. Even if you don't have the ability to make your entire home look like the kind of dream home you fantasize about, you may be able to create a small little spot that is dreamy to you.

2. Fill it with stuff you love

Even if you're not living in and under the bones of the dream home you really want, you can start working on collecting the things that might go in it someday (even if it doesn't "match" your current home). So go ahead, pick up those furniture pieces that play a big part in your fantasy dream home. Begin that art collection you plan to display on your dream home's walls one day.

3. Practice gratitude

It's probably been said a few times too many, but it's always useful to be repeated: Be grateful for the home you have now. Even if it's not your dream home. It's still a home that you're lucky to have, and focusing on the things you love about it can help you feel happier in the home you're presently in.

4. Do what you can anyway

Only you can really determine how much (if any) money, time and energy is worth putting into your current home. If you're saving it all up for a future dream home, well, we support you. But if you've got a little bit you can give to your current home to make it more livable for you, we think you should go for it.

5. Remember that this experience can serve you

Look, getting good at knowing what kind of home works for you takes practice. If you're not in a dream home at the age you hoped you be in it, you could actually be doing yourself a favor. Dream homes — particularly the ones that involve large sums of money, dramatic moves or a lot of renovation — can become nightmares if you jump into them not knowing a lot about yourself, your lifestyle and your likes and dislikes.

But living in a wide variety of homes — some close to your dream home type and some very different than your kind of dream home — can help you learn about yourself. It can help you focus in on dream home fantasies, or even radically change your idea of a dream home thanks to getting to know some aspect of your personality better. Whatever kind of home you're living in now, look for the lessons that can help you learn what you do and don't need in a home in the future (and this will help you determine what kind of dream home you need).

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