Dress Up That Dresser As A Home Entertainment Center

Dress Up That Dresser As A Home Entertainment Center

Range Govindan
Nov 30, 2010

When you're looking for a suitable way to store and use a mini home theater system in your bedroom, you got to get creative with what you choose. While this type of dresser isn't necessarily only for the bedroom, it makes us think of lying in our beds and watching a movie over the holidays.

Alex from Atlanta, Georgia, decided to hack his IKEA Malm dresser into something a little more funky. This dresser was also used a home entertainment center, which we find could look perfect in a bedroom. The trick is to keep things minimal, so that the top of the dresser, which serves as the home entertainment center, doesn't look too cluttered.

He started out with an IKEA Malm dresser with 6 drawers. The overall goal was to spice up this dresser so that it would stand out. He used chair rail moldings, drawer handles, and claw feet to customize the Malm, making it almost unrecognizable as IKEA furniture.

Alex needed to reinforce the structure, since he was planning on lifting the Malm off the ground, thanks to the claw feet. He used furring strips from the Home Depot, which assembled into a frame that was screwed into the lining of the dresser. Next, he lifted up the dresser and attached the feet. This was done using 3" construction screws. A 1-inch thick and 2-inch wide strip of wood was screwed to the front of the dresser, so that the front would remain flat.

He used chair rail moldings to make frames for the front of the drawers. Then, he sanded, primes, and painted the dresser. After that, the molding frames were added using a combination of glue and screws. The final touch entailed adding custom drawer pulls to the dresser.

The overall look is pretty swanky and will look good in the bedroom or any other room in your house. Further improvements could include mounting the HDTV to the wall. That would definitely clean things up. That would leave only the media player and amplifier on the dresser. Mounting some LED lights around the HDTV would also add a nice touch of ambient lighting to the overall room, allowing you to watch movies without switching on too many lights. The speakers blend in with the dresser, since they are also black, which is a good trick to remember. Leaving the amplifier alone on the dresser is a good compromise to this sort of minimal home entertainment center in the bedroom.

[via Ikeahacker, photos by Alex]

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