Dressed to Snooze: 20 Ideas for Styling a Bed

Dressed to Snooze: 20 Ideas for Styling a Bed

Adrienne Breaux
Nov 13, 2015

Are you bored with your bed? Want to throw the covers off...into a trash can? Are you sick of walking into your bedroom and seeing the same ol' same ol? Find in this post 20 different ways to style a bed, from minimal coverage to piles of pillows. You might find one that really resonates with you and translate it into your bedroom today or combine a couple of ideas for a truly unique-to-you look!

1. The top pop (of color)

Keep the colors on the rest of the bed minimal and wow with a pop of bold color with throw pillows or pillowcases at the top of your bed.

2. The textured head and foot

Combine a small pile of throw pillows up top that feature materials with great textures, and then mirror that texture at the foot of your bed with a throw blanket.

3. The patterned pull-up

Find a blanket or duvet cover that's big enough and that features a nice pattern and use that to simply cover the bed, pillows and all. It gives a streamlined look that's also interesting thanks to the pattern.

4. The color call-back

Similar to the textured head and foot, try the mirroring trick with color for a soothing composition.

5. The pile-up

Grab a stack of your favorite throw pillows and pillowcases in an array of colors and patterns for a pile that looks perfect for curling up in with a book.

6. The "We get it, you drape"

Artfully drape a patterned or colorful blanket over a simple bed cover for an easy but dramatic bed dress.

7. The bottom-heavy bold

Another easy way to create a dramatic look: Keep the rest of the bed simple but add a boldly colored blanket at the foot of the bed, not angled.

8. The short stack

Roll up your sheets and quilt or duvet cover part way up the bed and stack your pillowcases two-deep.

9. The long lean

Related to the pillow pile-up because of the amount of pillows involved, this look is more organized because of matching pillows and leaning them in neat rows.

10. The all neutral texture overload

Sticking to neutral hues can be rather soothing...but also boring if you're not careful. That's why mixing lots of different textures with your neutral colors can be a sophisticated mix.

11. The "I woke up like this"

Go for the anti-style look by creating a casual array of sheets and pillows that somehow manage to look good even though the bed's not "properly" made.

12. The subtle sense of humor

Don't overlook the bed as a spot to show off your sense of humor, say with an animal-shaped pillow.

13. The matchy-match

Never clash when your duvet cover has matching shams or pillowcases.

14. The oh-so symmetrical

Tight folds, serious tucks and an array of pillows that match is an easy way to create a sophisticated and symmetrical arrangement on your bed.

(Image credit: Lauren Baker )

15. The "I've got something to say"

You can make or buy pillowcases that have words or phrases on them. It won't even matter what else you do to your bed with these bed showstoppers.

16. The layers of layers

Don't stop at just one blanket at the end. Or one or two rows of pillows. Keep piling as many design elements as you can for a truly luxurious bed look.

17. The bold black & white

Another simple look that is dramatic. Bold black and white pillowcases can really make a plain white bed stand out.

18. The modern minimal

Like its cousin the patterned pull-up, the modern minimal works because of lots of smoothing out of the duvet cover and an equally minimal bedroom.

19. The laying solo

You can use one colorful, patterned or textured pillow to create a dynamic look instead of piling on many.

20. The bolster booster

Don't forget about this interestingly shaped pillow when thinking about your bed style; it can add a unique feel to a bed.

Does your bed style match any of these? If not, how would you describe your bed style? (Mine's a mix of short stack and color call-back, if you're curious).

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