DriWater: Time Release Watering System

DriWater: Time Release Watering System

Whether you've got a black thumb, you're going on vacation or simply living in a drought-prone area, DriWater is the perfect solution for no-brainer watering. Packaged in tubes, the gel-like and all-natural product can water your plants for up to 3-months!

It seems like something made for space: DriWater is made from 98% purified water and 2% food grade ingredients (vegetable gum). The DriWater gel tubes are buried next to the roots of a plant — the natural microorganisms found in soil gradually breaks down the vegetable gum that binds DriWater together. As the gel converts back to liquid water, the capillary action carries and maintains moisture throughout the root zone so that there's no over-watering, and no waste loss to evaporation or runoff. DriWater is organic, natural, environmentally safe and completely biodegradable.

The DriWater system comes in multiple sizes to fit your watering needs: The 2" Gel Pac is designed for smaller plants and will fit into your potted plants, delivering up to 30 days of water; the 2" Perforated Tube & Gel Pac waters larger and hanging plants up to 30 days; the DriWater quart is designed for outdoor use and waters for up to 90 days.

For more information visit DriWater.com

(Images via DriWater, The Moisture Project, Flickr member bayinstitute)

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