Drought Mindfulness: Six Water-Saving Reminders

Drought Mindfulness: Six Water-Saving Reminders

Theresa Gonzalez
Feb 6, 2014
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I live in San Francisco, which recorded its lowest rainfall ever for the month of January. Cherry blossoms and Magnolia trees have already bloomed in the midst of confusing spring-like weather. Sure, it’s been a nice winter with mild temps and sunny skies, but now it’s starting to get worrisome, as the governor has declared a state of emergency and communities reportedly only have a couple months of water in reserves.

It’s been a wakeup call for many of us about water conservation, an unsexy topic but an important one. I can definitely get lazy about my eco ways, so I looked up water-saving tips and found a comprehensive list from wateruseitwisely.com. Here are six totally doable ones. For more drastic measures, especially for homeowners, visit the site for the complete 100 tips.

1. Turn off the faucets…while brushing your teeth, washing dishes, and washing your hands, and plug the sink when shaving. Reward kids for doing the same (like with extra time on the computer or more story time, depending on age).

2. Save 150 gallons a month by reducing your shower by a minute or two. Take 5-minute showers too instead of baths, which require 70 gallons of water to fill.

3. Reduce laundry…by reusing towels and clothing and only washing when you have a full load (same goes for the dishwasher).

4. Refill your water glass for the day (to lighten your dish load) and cook food in as little water as possible.

5. Collect water from washing fruits and veggies and use it to water houseplants. Also, pour old pet water or dropped ice cubes into plants. (Better, skip the cubes.)

6. Only flush for #2.

Do you have more tips for saving water at home? Please share!

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