This Compact, Portable Washer Is Perfect For Your Tiny Apartment

updated May 3, 2019
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If you ask any urban small space dweller what they wish would magically fit in their apartment, a washer would be pretty high up on the list. Even compact versions take away a closet or cabinet space, and those are things that are tough to part with—and already in short supply—in most rentals. While it’s not going to replace your neighborhood laundromat, there are plenty of reasons to get excited about Drumi, a new portable, compact washer that promises to lessen your laundry burden.

Created by sustainable product company Yirego, Drumi is a miniature washing machine that works without electricity and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Using five liters of water and pedal power supplied by your foot, you can wash up to seven articles of clothing at a time. It’s made to handle the smaller, lighter items, like bras and t-shirts; you’ll still have to get your jeans, sweaters, and towels done at the wash and fold, but you’ll never accidentally run out of underwear again.

Because it’s manually powered, Drumi is ready for camping (maybe it’ll make you the most popular person at Bonnaroo). Or if you have a bunch of messy dependents (of the tiny human or furry variety), it could prove quite useful as well. Speaking as someone with a near daily spin habit and a dry cleaner with a $10 wash and fold minimum, it would be nice to not smell (and to not have to buy gym clothes in bulk).

Yirego estimates that it can help reduce your carbon footprint by ten pounds per week, by lessening the amount of water and electricity it takes to do laundry, especially if you’re using large machines for relatively small loads.

After completing a successful Indiegogo campaign early last year, Yirego just announced that Drumi is now available for public preorder, in either green and silver, for $239 for one unit or two for $459. The washers will ship in late 2017.