If You’ve Ever Made a Tipsy Online Purchase You’re Not Alone, According to this Survey

published Mar 29, 2019
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It’s confession time: Like a fair amount of Americans who consume alcoholic beverages, I too, have participated in the act (or art?) of drunk shopping. If you’ve ever woken up to an order confirmation you don’t remember, you’re not alone. One survey reports just how much tipsy shoppers are spending, and where they’re doing the damage.

The Hustle surveyed 2,174 alcohol-consuming adult Americans and found that of 79 percent of survey participants have made at least one drunk purchase (raise a hand if you thought the latter figure would be higher). Instead of going into brick and mortar stores to drop some cash, they – ahem, we – are doing most of the damage on Amazon (85 percent), which could account for the popularity of some of these weird online purchases people have been known to make. Additionally, after taking a few swigs, these inebriated shoppers typically buy clothes or shoes, and on average, each of them spends $444 a year in the process, contributing to the annual total $45 billion of drunk shopping.

Of the respondents, women are two percent more likely to engage in this pastime, drunk shoppers are generally younger (Millennials out-shopped Baby Boomers, for instance), and if you work in the sports industry, you’re more apt to buy under the influence than say, a writer, educator, or engineer.

Want to curb your inebriated shopping without nixing the alcohol? Another study found that drinking gin makes you more prone to drunk shopping. In other words, choose wine, tequila, rum, vodka, beer or whiskey if you’d rather a hangover with buyer’s remorse sold separately—though apparently only 20 percent return purchased items, and 6 percent regret them.

Check out The Hustle’s full survey results, complete with charts and graphs.