Dry Cleaning: Harmful to the Health of Your Home?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re wondering what a full closet dry cleaning does to the air in your home. Do you use to a green dry cleaner? We do; they seem to be the only ones around these days. Now new studies are raising questions about D5, the supposedly green silicone-based solvent: it appears to cause cancer in rats. This is the one used by Green Earth dry cleaners.

All that dry cleaning, and at least some of the solvent, ends up back in your closet at home. What are your thoughts? Is it best to ditch stylish dry-clean only clothes for a wardrobe of sensible, if frumpy, cotton frocks?

Green resource: there’s a great post on non-frumpy alternatives to dry cleaning over at Organic_Clothing.

image via www.sxc.hu