Dry Shampoo: A 'No-Poo' Alternative?

Dry Shampoo: A 'No-Poo' Alternative?

About a year ago my hair stylist turned me onto a product that adds texture to hair: dry shampoo. I've been hooked on ever since, but not for the reason my stylist gave, but because of its intended use as a shampoo alternative. As the 'No-Poo' movement is gaining traction, I'm thinking dry shampoo could bridge the gap.

For the last several years I've been trying to reduce the number of times I wash my hair, and with the help of dry shampoo, I'm now only washing about two to three times a week! Dry shampoo is not a substitute for washing, but my hair is in better shape than ever. Also note that you do have to be careful to not leave any powder residue on your hair as the powder can dull or lighten your hair's appearance.

Grist recently addressed the question on how dry shampoo works, and whether or not it's an eco-friendly alternative to normal wet and wash shampooing methods:

Dry shampoo mainly comes it powder or aerosol forms, and as one might expect, it's touted as a waterless way to soak up hair's excess oils when you don't have time to hop in the shower... You rub it into your scalp and roots, briefly let it do its thang, and brush out the residue, supposedly with temporarily rejuvenated hair.

If you're wary of the ingredients that make up dry shampoo, there are very simple alternatives such as baby powder, or click over to Grist for a homemade dry shampoo recipe.

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(Image: vintage Clairol dry shampoo ad via The Beauty Brains)

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