DSLR Sling Bags for Snappy Delivery of Camera & Accessories

DSLR Sling Bags for Snappy Delivery of Camera & Accessories

Jeff Heaton
Feb 21, 2012

Carrying your camera is always tricky business. How much gear will you need, what will give you the easiest access and how long you will be carrying that stuff all come into play. We've found sling bags fit our needs most of the time because they carry just the right amount of stuff with the ability to quickly get at that stuff.

1. Incase DSLR Sling Pack ($89.95)
We've liked the look of Incase's camera bags for a while and the recent additions to their line deserve some attention. This upgrade from the older nylon bag adds space for a Macbook Air or tablet and a feathered looks to the exterior while keeping the ability to swing the bag around for easy access. Tripod straps, mesh back and space for your phone on the chest strap fill out this bag's features. If you need to shoot for a day the DSLR sling pack strikes the right balance between weight and features.

2. Blackstone Bags Urban Quiver ($125)
Probably the most minimal of the sling bags we've seen, the Urban Quiver will appeal to urban shooters for its aesthetic and utilitarian functionality. Shooting in urban environments demands compactness and a minimized risk of theft, both of which the Quiver do well. The main compartment's got enough room for a camera and a couple extra lenses or some filters and a hot shoe flash and the chest strap has a pocket for your cellphone and some tiny gear like memory cards. Robin Hood would approve.

3. Kata DPS - 3N1-30 ($100.96)
One bag can't be all things to all people right? Well the 3N1 from Kata comes pretty darn close. Hidden pouches mean this bag can be a sling on either shoulder (important if you're carrying other bags or already have your camera on its own sling) or a backpack with both slings or even a roll around suitcase-style bag. Like other sling bags when it's in sling mode it easily swings around to the front for easy access. The only thing it doesn't have is space for a laptop, though kata sells one with space for one as well ($123).

4. Case Logic SLRC 205 ($89.99)
A great urban or travel bag. the SLRC 205 has just enough room for a basic toolkit of lenses. The upshot to this is less weight. The bag features a rubber pad that suspends your camera during travel and memory foam throughout for protection. It's also got a hip pocket that would be handy for holding lens caps while shooting or for extra memory cards and a wrap up strap for tripods. We like Case Logic's strap management and might use this for hiking or less demanding photo days.

5. Sling-O-Matic 30 ($197.75)
Sling-O-Matic bags are for more serious sets of gear as is apparent by their size and shape. What sets them apart is the rail system that allows switching from one shoulder to the other quickly. This is a good thing, though given the size of some of their bags you'll likely need it. While we like the amount of stuff we can carry with the Sling-O-Matic, the weight of all that stuff tends to push the limits of what we want to carry on one shoulder so the ability to switch is key. For those after a full-featured bag with room for serious gear, Sling-O-Matic's might be for you.

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