54" of Screen Real Estate: Ronny's Dual Screen Setup

54" of Screen Real Estate: Ronny's Dual Screen Setup

Range Govindan
Feb 10, 2011

What a view! Ronny's dual screen home workstation provides quite the refreshing outdoor view, thanks to the two 27" displays stretching across his desk. An iMac drives an additional and complementary 27" Cinema Display, providing him with plenty of screen space, while also keep his desk free of clutter thanks to the fact the CPU resides inside one of the monitors...

The last time we saw Ronny's home office in Germany, he was getting by with a slightly more modest setup: a single 21" iMac with a Mac Mini running a 24" Cinema Display. Since then, he's upgraded and gone to a dual 27" display setup. It might be surprising for some that the iMac is capable of driving two large monitors, but Ronny's setup proves it's not only possible, but looks fantastic if minimal-modern is your cup of tea. It's almost as if Ronny responded to criticism of his the sparse appearance of his previous setup by simply supersizing it.

For those curious about his wide, dual expanse wallpaper gracing his screens, the wallpaper is available here. In order to have the external 27-inch LED display at the same height as the iMac screen, he used a discontinued LaCie monitor stand, which seems the perfect height. Alternatively, you can probably find other things that will fit the bill.

The desk hails from IKEA, the Vika Amon/Vika Annefors desk, which adds an airy feel to his home office. We like how the shelves are partly open, allowing access to peripherals and connections, while providing air flow to components.

For the spec-loving crowd, here's the details about Ronny's setup:

  • iMac is a 3.2GHz i3
  • 12GB of RAM
  • 1TB hard drive
  • ATI Radeon HD 5670 graphics card

Except for the RAM, this iMac is pretty standard. We checked it out and it costs $1,700 at the Apple Store. Combined with the display, the overall cost of this workstation is $2,700, which is reasonable considering this is a multi-monitor setup with these two large screens, ideal for Ronny's photography work. Naturally, you'll have to add some RAM if you use Photoshop and its memory-hungry ilk are, but you can buy RAM at a fraction of the price Apple asks via 3rd party vendors like Crucial and 18004Memory.

(Images with permission: Flickr member Ronny Grimm)

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