Itching For Dual Displays On Laptops?

Itching For Dual Displays On Laptops?

Range Govindan
Feb 9, 2009

It seems that a lot of people have been going gaga over the dual displays of the new Lenovo W700DS. That is one amazing laptop, because it features a built-in digitizer, a full Qwerty keyboard and a secondary dual display. For those of you not relishing lugging around something this huge, you might consider just getting a secondary display for you laptop. Samsung knows this, but they've come up with a hitch. Most secondary displays won't be on the same eye-level as your primary display.

A dual display setup has always been the holy grail of home computing. I've never actually had fully functioning dual displays, since you usually need two graphics cards and two identical monitors. However, a lot of people think the same way, which is why Samsung has come up with their Lapfit external display. It's 18.5" and it fits spot on with your laptop screen, meaning that you will be able to see both screens in a glance. It looks like a good compromise, though it's use will be limited. Usually people will plug a bigger screen onto their laptops and just work off those, instead of having another display. It's not obvious that the secondary screen will let you work on a dual display setup, because you'd usually need another graphics card to power it.

Still, it's an interesting feature. We think that it's just simpler to hook up a 22" or 30" screen to your laptop and work off that if you are at home or in the office. That just makes things easier and you have a lot more screen real estate. For those of you looking for an affordable solution, larger LCD screens have come down in price significantly. Expect to pay about $200 for a 22" screen. You could also chose to hook up a flat panel TV to your computer. Anything between 24" and 37" isn't too big nor too expensive. [via Gizmodo, Thinkpad W700ds photo via Engadget]

Lenovo W700
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