Problem Solvers: Need a Quick Fix for Dull Decor? Add This Stuff

Problem Solvers: Need a Quick Fix for Dull Decor? Add This Stuff

Jennifer Hunter
Jul 5, 2015

Do you feel that something isn't quite right in your room? It might just be that you're missing something. Sure, you have all the right elements but if you're facing these home dilemmas, add these specific fixes to get your decor back on track.

The problem: Your decor feels flat

Add: Layers! If you need a little something extra (even though you have all the decor you need) think about how you can layer more on top of what you have. You can't just add more of the same so mix it up with patterns, textures and colors to make your space really pop.

The problem: Too little (or —gasp — overhead fluorescent) lighting

Add: Multiple light sources. Want to look glowy, not lit-from-above and gaunt? Our rule of thumb is you need at least three separate sources of light in each room (candles count!). Mix up the heights and types and you'll be golden.

The problem: Your accessories are unbalanced

Add: Enough to make it an odd number. Sometimes we call it the rule of threes, sometimes you need many more (5 or even 15), but odd numbers of accessories just look better, more balanced and beautiful. Try it, you'll see.

The problem: You're bored

Add: Something personal. You never want anyone to be in doubt that this is YOUR space! If you have a boring beige box on your hands it needs a punch of personality right away. Take a cue from Alexis and Ian's home below and display something that screams you.

So what have you added to your home recently that made a big difference?

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